I don’t know when I fell off of knowing when Yozoh released new music, but looking it up since 나의 쓸모 in 2013, she released a lot of singles. Now in 2017, she’s come back with 나.아.당.궁. Yozoh had a bigger sound on 나의 쓸모, but 나.아.당.궁 strips everything back to go back to a simpler presentation. Yozoh is able to conform well to different styles, but the EP is kind of a refresh.

yozoh 나.아.당.궁

“공항 거쳐서” is a straight indie pop song. Focusing on guitar and vocals with added drums and melodica, the track is more of an introduction because it’s slow to start and ends kind of abruptly before really getting started. It helps flow into “늙음.” This is the song that most people would consider the standard indie pop style. It is directed through Yozoh’s vocals with the guitar accompanying along in the background. Considering some of Yozoh’s other songs, it’s very simple. But I think from her other work, hearing something like this really allows for people to enjoy Yozoh’s vocals.

나.아.당.궁 kind of feels like a cautious return to music. Her last single was released in 2015. I wonder if she felt like a break was needed to get back to music again. The five songs do take bits and pieces from her previous music. “세상에 없는 과자” is a piano-driven song that contains a melancholy tone. This is a bit of a trend throughout the entire EP. Something that stands out is that each song feels like it ends before it should, like it’s missing the bridge and last verse. While this does give the music a bit of an unfinished feel, it does add a feeling that these songs are a part of a bigger album or release, but stripped back.

I enjoy listening to Yozoh’s music and I’m glad she’s back after these two years. I liked 나의 쓸모 a lot and while this release sounds different, she’s still able to compose interesting tracks that don’t get boring. She’s an indie pop rock artist, but Yozoh has always been able to adjust and present great music in any genre she takes part in.

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