Listening to wetter is like listening to a garage rock band that crafted jams into actual songs. They grab influences from rock, garage rock, and even some blues to present songs that grab your attention and can get you dancing pretty easily. Romance in a Weird World might be only six songs, but they’re out to make you a fan as soon as possible.

wetter romance in a weird world

One of the strengths is that wetter don’t try to play the same style over and over again. They take their foundation, but adjust it to present a new perspective. “반대로” as the start reminds me a little of British rock combined with garage rock. While I enjoy the instrumentals, the bridge does get a little repetitive as they name off other musician names. Otherwise the song is great as the band’s intro. “이상한 나라의 로맨스” as the single is perfect. It’s got kind of an old Bye Bye Badman with an added funk groove. The bass does its job by keeping the song’s rhythm with the drums.

“Who” was wetter’s first released single and it’s very different from “이상한 나라의 로맨스.” The vocal movement on the chorus is the hook. “Lucy” goes back to a blues and rock foundation, going a little darker, but giving your ears time to take a rest. “Lucy” sounds like a song you might hear in a dark club as you sit and drink with a beer. It’s slower and more atmospheric, giving the track a nice edge. “She tastes like happiness” is the biggest surprise and my favorite track. It’s largely stripped with more open notes and allows the vocals to really craft the song. As one of the closers to the EP, it does a great job to keep wetter’s hooks in. “You” is Romance in a Weird World’s bonus track. Mainly vocals and guitar, it highlights the dual melodies of both instruments.

I didn’t know much about wetter other than this EP is pretty excellent. If you’re looking for a mixture of styles that are expertly mixed and crafted, this is the EP you should listen to.

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