rabbit is the second full-length album of Dead Buttons. Listening to any track among the ten in the album, I was so sure that Dead Buttons had been maturing: not getting OLD but going further to become more attractive and firm.

dead buttons rabbit

While the overall music is still garage and rich Brit-rock like their previous albums, there are some new trials; one is each track doesn’t stand out but altogether composes one big flow. The flowing mood is like from day to night, from bright and fresh parts to a little heavier and gloomy one. However, like the real time flow of a day, the mood returns to a track which is softly sunny, like a sun-rising dawn, “Unstable.” Following the tracks which have dynamic variations, I found myself having already arrived at the last track, like a wake up in the glowing morning sun after a dramatic dream.

The tracks I especially love are “My Dear Control Freaks,” “Cockroacheeessss,” and “Tiny Town” which are full of 60s and 70s’ rock-musical inspirations. Those tracks are consistently fresh, vivid, and exciting with brassy and vintage sounds. The “vintage” mood is ironically well matched with the band’s young and energetic instrumentals. I think it is because the mood really reminds of a very pure young age of romance, which are difficult to find in this realistic-but-cold era. I also got immersed into the track “Foggy Night” which is the longest track on the album and fully bluesy and jazzy instrumentals. The music is calm but powerful, changeable but stable.

While their previous album, Some Kind of Youth, felt like “teenage Dead Buttons,” rabbit seems to present the band in their 20s. They are pure and passionate, but not naïve and know how to control their dynamic energy. This album made me so curious what they will make for next album and I am already looking forward to it.

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