I’ll be honest, my knowledge of ska is limited. I couldn’t tell you what specific style a band is playing. The Rulerz marked their Bandcamp as two-tone, so I’ll assume that’s what they’re playing. What I can say with confidence is that Don’t Be a Poser is a lot of fun to listen to. The four song EP gets to the point from “Don’t Be a Poser” and doesn’t stop.

the rulerz don't be a poser

From what I’ve seen, The Rulerz is composed of members from other bands. Whether the band is more for fun and an outlet is unknown, but there’s just something enjoyable listening to ska again regardless where it came from. “Angel with Dirty Faces” is a song that has lyrics. “Don’t Be a Poser” might have been the intro song. From my old punk rock past, a lot of the ska standards are part of The Rulerz music. This goes beyond the brass instruments. The vocal accents are plenty and the rhythms and melodies are perfect.

I think what I enjoy the most about Don’t Be a Poser is that every member sounds like they’re having fun. The recording feels very organic and easygoing. If that doesn’t meet the reality, then the band did a great job getting the parts on tape to mix. The long breakdowns in each song don’t get stale, something that seems to happen with bands that love improvisation.

Don’t Be a Poser is only a taste of The Rulerz and one that I hope goes further. The talent of the members is obvious and they all gel together really well. Four songs really isn’t enough, just a taste of the potential of this team.

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