I’m really curious to know what UZA’s eventual album will sound like. She’s able to perform a selection of styles, but from her interview, it sounded like she was going to go for an electronic sound for her release. “The Girl Lives in Seoul” might be a preview of what to expect.

uza the girl lives in seoul

“The Girl Lives in Seoul” is a mixture of electronic dance and R&B. This is the first time that UZA’s voice went in a different direction from the other songs or lives that I heard. She’s not going for vocals that are simply following the melodies, but vocals that have energy and movement. She’s definitely proving her intentions during the chorus when it sounds like she’s pulling her voice from her stomach.

One distraction on the song is that the mixing of the song feels slightly uneven. UZA’s vocals sound like they’re right behind the instrumentals, like she’s singing right behind speakers playing the music. It doesn’t take away, but I think that breaks the immersion of the track.

As a single, there’s something to enjoy on each beat. I do think that UZA’s voice is excellent, but I would like to hear something with a little more weight. She’s able to compose really well, proven with this song, and I wonder where a full length will go.

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