When Payday‘s Uncover showed up on Bandcamp as melodic hardcore, I had to buy it. Partially because every band that I’ve heard that plays melodic hardcore from South Korea is amazing. Uncover is added to that list. The band’s five song EP never fails or falters starting from “Reminisce.” If there could be a standout from the music, it’s the amazing recording quality. Uncover is one of the best recorded hardcore albums I’ve ever heard.

payday uncover

This isn’t meant as a slight to any other band, but somehow the recording of Uncover can both record the power and aggression of the band while highlighting the performance of every instrument without stacking them and blurring what each member is doing. The drums are especially clean capturing the double bass and crisp crash of the cymbals. The vocals, while difficult to understand, have force and power behind each verse and the guitars and bass come through without a problem. “Moving On” is the highlight of Uncover. It does include all the standards of the genre, but comes across like a wave of sound. The tempos aren’t even that fast, but every beat is filled with a melody or highlight.

Even though Payday’s EP only contains five songs, it feels longer and carries a lot of weight. The tracks average in the 3:30 range, but feel more expansive. The bridge in each song hits differently giving each song a distinct flavor. Since hardcore can sound a little repetitive, Payday were able to give each song a distinction from one another. Uncover doesn’t feel like one song that’s adjusted slight, but five separate songs with their own melodies and presentations.

Punk and hardcore fans will enjoy Payday’s Uncover. It has the energy and power that the genre is known for. Payday might even go further with their polished songs and careful arrangements that don’t rely on speed, but precision.

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