From the start of Minhwee Lee’s Borrowed Tongue, it feels like you’ve entered a different world. “Stone-Throwing” is an atmospheric ride that sits between genres. The foundations feels like a cross between Jazz and Blues accents presented in an indie folk fashion with a heavy bit of experimentation.

minhwee lee borrowed tongue

“Stone-Throwing” is only an instrumental track and it already sets the tone for the album. “Borrowed Tongue” expands a bit from that initial introduction and adds some folk accents mainly supported through the addition of a flute in the song’s introduction. Minhwee’s voice is haunting. While I’m not sure if this is done through the mixing and mastering of the album, it’s slightly warm and husk that follows the end of each syllable sticks in your ears. With eight songs, Borrowed Tongue might only be an EP, but the album is dense.

The vocals don’t simply present the lyrics, but mix among the instrumentals which change from song to song. The consistent pieces are always the vocals and guitar, but some songs add piano, bass, and additional percussion instruments. If I had to try to find any kind of similar artist, it’s kind of impossible because she has such an unique and addictive voice.

Borrowed Tongue is amazing. As an EP, it can outshine a lot of full lengths. It’s one of those albums that you put on while drinking whiskey while it plays on a turntable. I think Borrowed Tongue is one of those albums that suceeeds more as a vinyl release because it feels like it was made for it.

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