As expected going back into Korean electronic music has resulted in another great find. Yoorae is an electronic artist with his own unique sound and style. He does have some contemporaries this time around though because of his soundtrack-esque music.

yoorae 00

Every track on 00 is a number so it doesn’t give much of a hint on what the song is going to be. The numbering is also out of order so I’m curious if these songs were meant to be listened to in the way the album is laid out or if it’s the order of how the songs were composed. Regardless of that, 00 is an interesting audio experience. Focusing more on tones rather than full samples, you are drawn into a strange world that doesn’t seem to abide by regular rules.

Yoorae focuses a lot on the percussion of each track. It’s almost like the melody comes second. The tempo of tracks isn’t that fast and focuses more on building upon itself through different rhythms. I like how 00 isn’t overly focused on melody and spends more time syncopating beats. It might not seem like an engaging album at first, but as you move through the tracks this universe is opened.

It’s not really worth explaining the album song by song because you need to experience it firsthand. 00 is weird and strange, almost like an experimental haunted house that changes room to room. In some other cases, it reminds me of the Silent Hill soundtracks. It may not be for everyone, but Yoorae presents many original ideas.

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