YESEO is one of the few in Korean electronic music capable of delivering the full package alone, from production to performance. While R&B-infused electronica is her forte, YESEO uses this album to showcase a broader approach to electronic music.

The first two tracks of the album exemplify what YESEO does best: dreamy, spacious vocals and cascading synths within a R&B and soul context. “Silhouette” sounds like a track by NAO but with the vocals more emphasized. The background soundscape with the beats and breakdowns maintains tension in spite of a low bpm. The headiness peaks in “Million Things,” where the highly reverberated vocals manage to pierce through the dense mass of boosted synths.

Chill wave track “Lazy Mary Jane” is a pleasant surprise, the guitar, bass, and brass serving as organic backdrops to accentuate the layers of synths that pile onto each other without being distorted into noise. “Last Touch” is a nod at the current trends in the electronic music scene, mimicking in her own dreamy way the popular (and therefore proliferating) neo-soul-influenced tracks that have broken through to the mainstream.

The spacious vocals and synth arrangements work to her disadvantage as YESEO tries to fit them into different genres in later tracks. While the melody is great, her attempt at deep house in “Rude” sounds like two different tracks playing at once, the kicks and the bass failing to match the other instruments. It is unclear what “My Youth” was going for, where the dampened drop after a progressive house buildup makes the track sound more like trance. The vocals also fail to cut as clearly through as they do in other tracks.

“Deeper Than Love” partially resolves the question of what “Rude” and “My Youth” would sound like if combined and done better – the tropical house elements adding more energy to the drop, while the bass and drums are better moderated.

Million Things is YESEO’s first EP, meaning this kind of experimentation with other genres is promising. I would wait for an album or two more from her before making judgements about whether she has successfully mastered electronica beyond her R&B background.

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