Returning after a two year absence, The Koxx released Red. The four song EP is the essentials of The Koxx. Electronic pop rock that uses bright melodies and rhythms to catch your attention. Considering that the new normal was the second most recent release, I wonder what the band was doing these past two years. Red is more of the The Koxx and that’s awesome, but I expected a little more than what this EP presents.

the koxx red

The Koxx are comfortable in every aspect of their style. From the guitar riffs, drums beats, and keyboard accents; this is standard Koxx. “#lol” is a good jump back into their style with an easy to find groove and melody. It’s not anything too complicated and works to bring people back into The Koxx’s audio world. “Blister” is the lead single and adds some variety. It’s sung in Korean which is a little different since many songs are in English. But I feel like the song being in Korean gives it a different edge. “Blister” is a refreshing song, not just in the vocals, but the simpler presentation of the track is welcome. There’s less to get inundated by.

I get a lot of bon voyage from “Zero.” It’s a song that relies on the vocals to provide the melodic direction. The instrumentation is fun, but follows a simple path from beat to beat. Closing out Red is “grey.” It’s one of the slower songs that I’ve heard by the band. “grey” finally gives you a moment to appreciate that The Koxx are able to produce amazing music.

My question is that between their last full length and this EP, it took two years. They have established their sound and are an unique band. What caused the long time between releases? Red only serves to make you think that there’s a lot more music that the band has that hasn’t been recorded. But at the same time, Red feels very limited in scope. While not sounding like B-sides from the new normal, Red does tread very familiar ground.

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