When I saw Apnea‘s ANAE-731 on Bandcamp, I didn’t realize that it had been about four years. The band did release a single for “Dirty Veins” in 2016, but this was my return to their music. It’s a mix of electronic, rock, dubstep, synthrock, and a bunch of other elements that comprise their music. With as many genres as they mix, it would be easy to confuse and make the tracks confusing. Apnea do a good job to cement their style so that it’s easy to digest, even when the melodies and samples are going slightly crazy.

apnea anae-731

The five song EP is a little different as it seems like most of the work was done by Nthonius with guests. That doesn’t change much with ANA-042 also coming mainly from Nthonius. The music is more instrumental this time around to with a lot of less vocals. I wouldn’t say that Apnea are making club-friendly electronic music, but they can definitely grab the beat and attract your attention. “Burn it out” is a good single that sticks out, though it does kind of follow the recognizable verse to verse to chorus to breakdown format.

There is some slight repetition to the music. That’s not the fault of Apnea, but the highlights and specific elements of the genre they’re playing stick out. “Get Ready Ku the Next Battle” is another instrumental that lays a repeating melody throughout the whole song and feels more like an introduction track than a full song. Though slowing down the tempo does help the song make more of a presence.

I like Apnea, but ANAE-731 does sound a little like demos that were quickly brought forward into official tracks. ANAE-731 isn’t bad at all, but I kind of expected more energy overall. This EP sounds like a transition, but I’m not sure what direction that means.

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