Moon Yirang, previously known as the GRAYE, was really prolific at the end of 2016 working on a bunch of really excellent releases. Now he’s re-branded himself and returns as Moon Yirang. This change also brings a slightly different sound from his previous work and if “APHASIA” featuring Hoody is any indication, there’s a whole world that he’s beginning to enter.

moon yirang aphasia

I’m used to Moon Yirang’s work in 75A and older solo albums so the single is very different. The instrumentals are melodic and carry a laid back club sound. It does remind me a bit of a step diagonally from 75A but with a new perspective. Hoody does a great job carrying the melody with her vocals. At the same time, she’s not there to take over the track but add the perfect amount of style and emotion. It’s a song that takes its time and finds a way to get into your head and stay there.

I like everything that Moon Yirang has produced and created. This new direction shows a lot of potential and I’m very curious to know where it’s going to go. These two songs are the starting point of what could be an expansive catalog of excellent electronic music.

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