I was first introduced to j.knife through Sounds from the Korean Underground. There was a mention of j.knife and how she was 14 years old. It’s impressive to hear that someone was recording and releasing music at a young age. Looking through her Bandcamp page, she had four different releases. Most of them are singles or covers and myp3, when u fall in luv is essentially the two track names.

j.knife myp3 when u fall in luv

The thing that stuck out with j.knife’s music is that it’s not just simple singer-songwriter tracks. The tracks, while minimal, have a level of polish that isn’t heard from even experienced musicians. She’s very particular in the mixing of her music which is more noticeable on other releases, but “myp3” shows some of that. Her layered vocals are slightly misaligned but that doesn’t create confusion in the song. There are also smaller percussion elements that add a little rhythm, but most of the song is guided by a repeating guitar line. The lo-fi recording adds a lot of depth because you have to consciously listen to what’s going on.

“when u fall in luv” adds a simple bass hit along with keyboard samples. j.knife’s vocals add another melodic layer to the track as well. Vocals don’t even start until about mid-way through the song and they just repeat the song title. “when u fall in luv” feels like a project on layering tracks together while still maintaining a cohesive song. It does get a little jumbled by the last third of the song because there’s just a lot going on and every sample is repeating on top of each other.

Age aside, j.knife’s point of view in music is unique. The lo-fi approach captures her potential as an artist. If she’s creating music of this level now, how much deeper and complex will her music become in a year from now? It seems like she’s getting started and her existing releases are interesting so we should all watch what’s going to happen

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