There are a lot of electronic artists and a lot of musicians who use R&B as the base of their music. In the case of millic, you get a combination of both. VIDA is an interesting blend of using R&B and electronic music. Used in conjunction, you don’t get fast beats or tempos, but rather a strong push toward melodies and grooves which are supported by each of the feature artists.

millic vida

Across the nine songs, eight have features by artists like TA-KU, CLUBESKIMO, FANXYCHILD, and more. Even with all these guests, the music is able to follow the same tone and themes. I would actually consider millic less of an electronic artist and more of a producer who’s working with excellent vocalists. There’s plenty to enjoy on VIDA, especially if you’re looking for something laid back and melodic. Another artist on HIGHGRND, millic is expanding the roster of artists who are simply great at making amazing music.

The album is consistent from beginning to end, so there’s not a lost track of anything you might think you need to skip over. Even the instrumental “VIDAHOLLYWOOD #250” shows that standing alone, millic’s music works without vocals. I would be interested in hearing VIDA without any vocals just to hear the instrumentals flow from beginning to end. There is definitely an audio journey listening to VIDA and you should listen from the beginning to the end.

I listening to VIDA on and off and find it one of those albums that fits a lot of moods. While it works great as background music, listening to it with your full attention is the best way to go. Don’t miss this album because it’s a great one for 2017.

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