I’m not exactly what genre I would place Movning into. Their EP, M kind of jumps around a lot. There’s a strong electronic presence on some of the tracks, but they go from that electronic funk pop to kind of indie pop. It’s kind of weird to get a good sense of where the band is going because sometimes it feels like the members are trying to find a way to get their songs to stick to different audiences.

movning m

“Got To Be Wild” starts the EP and does make a strong statement. The band is built on piano, bass, and drums so it relies a lot on the melodies from the keyboard to build momentum. While that works on the first track, at the same time, the song is missing a bit of energy. “Got To Be Wild” just sounds too monotone even though there are a lot of places where the music crescendos. The energy is sucked out by the mastering. “For A Better Now” has a bit more funk and does a good job to highlight the keyboard. It’s kind of clear that this EP introduces the band well, but doesn’t seem to accurately capture the tone of the band in a live setting. It feels too safe.

The EP takes a turn with “Turning Light” and “Little Fighters” by slowing down the tempo and becoming a bit more ballad-esque. I wonder if it’s the “cleanliness” of the melodies without any distortion that makes the music feel too light. All the elements are there, but “Little Fighters” sounds like it should be a huge stadium level song but it can’t reach that level here. Everything about Movning is great, but the tracks fall into that overly polished area where some of the emotions feel lost.

I think if Movning went full tilt into emotional ballad rock, they would find an audience immediately. M feels a little exploratory which isn’t a bad thing, but lacks a cohesiveness to tell a full story through the five songs. I think they have the foundation for something amazing, but haven’t reached that level yet.

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