Less than a year after Exposure, Jvcki Wai released a free EP on SoundCloud called Neo Eve. It follow some of the same tones as Exposure, but goes further to establish Jvcki Wai as an artist to keep an eye on. While her foundation is with electronic beats and her unique voice, Neo EvE is a change. She’s still able to push excellent tracks and with this EP, seems to have found a style that she’s more comfortable with.

Jvcki Wai Neo EvE

“Genesis” opens the six tracks and kind of serves as a bridge between the two EPs. What I do notice is that the instrumentals on Neo Eve are much more deliberate and follow her vocals closer. While the beats might not be entirely focused on melody, which is left to Jvcki Wai’s vocals, they create really addictive landscapes. “Genesis” is one of the more low-key songs that moves into “Anarchy.” This is the track that I feel is one of the standout singles. It captures the entire essence and persona that Jvcki Wai is going for. The song isn’t too different from “Genesis,” but the mix between Korean and English vocals along with how she moves over the beat is what sticks out. She has a definite skill moving over the beats with different rhythms along with the repeated trills in the background.

She has great vocals though they are placed behind effects on the songs. I think the vocals are what will capture the attention of most people. It’s not on-the-spot melodic, but fits each song perfectly. “Rib” is a perfect example of that. The tempos are slow, but not plodding, almost the perfect slow club track that get people moving. The lack of a rush lets each song really make an impact. If you hear Neo EvE in the background, you might think each song has many identical elements, which can be matched to the instrumentals. But the tracks are all unique and further Jvcki Wai’s talent.

It’s surprising that she released a free EP, but welcome because more people can get a taste of her music. Jvcki Wai is one of those artists that is ready to break out if she’s noticed by a big audience and Neo EvE is her calling card.

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