If you’ve kept track of Korean indie music lately, you might have noticed it’s been kind of quiet. But that doesn’t mean bands are sitting around doing nothing. In response to the 2018 Winter Games that will take place in Pyeongchang, eight bands are getting together to release a compilation album titled Winter Dreams: 꿈 속의 평창 (Pyeongchang in dreams).

Instead of including eight random bands, Winter Dreams: 꿈 속의 평창 highlights the themes of winter and dreams. This album foregoes the use of any label or company giving each artist total freedom in the song they compose. The only requirement being to highlight each band’s “dreaminess.”

The album is being funded through Tumblbug, one of the available Korean crowdfunding sites, but isn’t accessible if you live outside of South Korea. To allow international fans the option to donate, you can back the album through PayPal by sending $25 to Love X Stereo’s Paypal account. Funding ends December 10, 2017 (SK time which is about a day ahead of North America so really 12/9/17 is the end date).

This is definitely your chance as a Korean indie fan to support this independent project. You should donate and cut back on coffee for a week.

The bands that will participate are:

Land of Peace

Love X Stereo

Rock’N’Roll Radio

Beautiful Jin





If you’re in South Korea, donate to Winter Dreams: 꿈 속의 평창 through the Tumblbug.

If you’re outside South Korea, donate to Winter Dreams: 꿈 속의 평창 through PayPal.

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