Starting the last week of November 2017 and running until it’s over, Korean Indie will be giving away a selection of CDs, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous music-related items. Official entry details will be posted when the giveaway officially starts, but these are the rules that must be followed for anyone who enters.

If you do not you agree to all of these terms, do not enter.

This giveaway is open worldwide.

We will not be answering any communication (emails, @mentions, direct messages, etc) outside of the means of entry and not following this rule will immediately disqualify you from the giveaway. Only winners will be contacted. Do not message us asking if you are the winner.

Winners will need to pay Korean Indie $10.00 for shipping and packaging. This amount will cover shipping and packaging costs to send out the items to you. We are not collecting this money except for shipping and packaging purposes. In the note, add your address. If you don’t want to pay the $10.00, then do not enter.

If you don’t pay the amount within 24 hours, you forfeit the item and it will be relisted. If you miss the 24 hour window, you are disqualified from the items.

Shipping will be through USPS at the cheapest rate possible. International shipments can take anywhere from two weeks to a month.

You can only win once. This is to allow other people to win.

Don’t ask for specific items or specific clothing sizes. Clothing is only in the size listed. Do not ask for specific CDs or other items.

Rules for the giveaway can be updated or modified at any time.

Your best chance of winning is following Korean Indie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see when items are listed. The site will not be used to giveaway all items.

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