There were countless albums in Korean indie scene this year and many of them gave me great joy listening to such great music. As a result, it was really painful for me to pick up only three albums among them, but ironically, it was also pleasurable to take the pain re-examining all the albums I had gone through around the year.

nametag ah yeah

Nametag : Ah Yeah

Obviously Name Tag’s Ah Yeah is one of the greatest albums this year to me. Repeating their album hundreds times, their intense rock and roll energy never feels dwindling. It sharpens its unique color, moving back and forth between the untainted bright giggling and the powerful smash on the cold realities of life. In the album of ten tracks, Nametag reflects various pictures of our daily lives. With sweets and bitters of every ordinary day, their music fluctuates among curiosity, disappointment, sadness and even fear. However, they never become skeptical. They sneer at the messes and blow away them with their exploding rock spirit.

dead buttons rabbit

Dead Buttons : Rabbit

I was really happy to see the Dead Button’s big step forward with their second album, rabbit. In the album, they showed a totally changed mood and style with the big frame of the band’s identity. With rich garage rock chords, all the tracks consist of a giant flow, but each track’s uniqueness is not abandoned. Jazz, blues, garage rock, and even certain vintage rock moods all coexist and build up a special harmony which creates the album’s atmosphere. The instrumentals were also improved with the introduction of bass guitar. I do not know what the next step of Dead Buttons will be like, however, one thing clear is they will never stop progressing and seeing the journey will be a great excitement for me.

hellivison steady with force

Hellivison : Steady With Force

Hellivison is like a group of artisans. Of course, they are brilliant musicians and composers but my expression ‘artisan’ describes their solemn and even spiritual musical attitude. The album Steady With Force is full of improvisation with glamorous instrumentals. In the magnificent, unpredictable variations of the seven musical performances with the mix of diverse musical genres, I could find exquisite orders rather than confusion. I am so sure that this irony comes from their firm and fully polished musical skills, which clearly represents Hellivision’s sincere attitude toward their music. Without any lyrics and lavish titles, this album fully delivered their thrilling messages.