It’s been over two years since Flash Flood Darlings released Vorab and Tesoro. After he left South Korea, I thought that we might not get new music from Flash Flood Darlings and then he released Fewchie Vs. Wolflove. Described as a concept album, it’s almost as if his second full length could be the soundtrack to an accompanying picture book. Regardless, if you were expecting Vorab and Tesoro 2.0, you’re not going to get that with Fewchie Vs. Wolflove. Instead, you get one of the standout albums of 2017 right before the end of the year.

flash flood darlings Fewchie Vs. Wolflove

“Wolflove” is one of my favorite songs of 2017. The feature by KIRARA combines each artist’s strengths and the base of Flash Flood Darlings can easily support KIRARA. Vorab and Tesoro was a dense album that moved at a more deliberate pace. Fewchie Vs. Wolflove comes across brighter and with a different perspective. “Fewchie” uses a repeating sample that makes the track feel like it’s moving at double time. Add on the other synth lines and the songs takes the speed of a sprinter. It feels like it’s moving at an unsustainable pace, but Flash Flood Darlings keeps the structure with vocals that come at half speed. Fewchie Vs. Wolflove is like a new chapter of Flash Flood Darlings. He’s taken a lot of the elements of Vorab and Tesoro and built new voices by taking what he’s learned and evolved. I actually wouldn’t have wanted a 2.0 of his first full length. Fewchie Vs. Wolflove is an amazing step forward.

There is a definite narrative on the songs and it might take you a couple of listens to fully understand everything. The vocals tend to sit behind the instrumentals making it a little difficult to understand everything. Flash Flood Darling’s style and technique is unique and even with his slight change, I can hear all the recognizable elements. “Death Ballad” is my second favorite song on the album simply because it’s an instrumental and you immediately understand what the track is presenting. Then you jump into “We Are Wanderers” and it’s a total surprise.

Fewchie Vs. Wolflove is definitely in my top albums of the year and a welcome surprise. I haven’t heard a concept album from an electronic artist and Flash Flood Darlings being the first is awesome. Even if it wasn’t a concept, the progress and evolution of his music has reached a new level. I think that Korean electronic music is doing the most evolution in the shortest amount of time and Flash Flood Darlings is proving that.

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