It’s been about 10 months between Ashmute‘s last single “Scenery” and the first EP, 01. The four song EP carries well with the four new tracks and the addition of the instrumentals. I think that’s a cool addition to add all the instrumental tracks because you can really see how much both the vocals and instrumentals rely on each other to complete the entire song. While “Scenery” and “Heaven” had to make a big impression in a single song. 01 is able to breath a little more.

ashmute 01

Using “Fate” as the introduction serves to introduce Ashmute along with give listeners a preview of the electronic music they will hear. The band’s core is electronic samples and loops, but I wouldn’t say they are purely electronic. It’s more atmospheric and almost ballad-esque. The slower tempos allow the music to make bigger statements and the vocals serve as the guide to wander through each song. “Fate” doesn’t have a lot of lyrics and allows the vocals to be another instrument. I feel that “Carry On” is the strongest song and could have been the lead single. The vocal and piano accompaniment is simple and really shows what the trio can do with a minimalist tone. The two main focuses are the vocals and piano, but the effects behind create a slightly dark theme.

“Inferno” is a more recognizable electronic indie pop track with its looping samples, bass beat, and atmospheric vocals. The tempo moves a little faster but doesn’t ramp up that far. I think if this was the song that people heard first, they might think that Ashmute were following a style like HEO. The two bands do have some similar elements, but are walking on two different paths. Closing 01 with “Ghost,” Ashmute present a different side of their music. It’s still a little brooding, but feels a bit more uplifting. The samples uses feel brighter and the vocals are a little higher.

Ashmute have presented what will likely be the first introduction on 01. It’s a good EP highlighting all the right elements of the group. I do wish it was a little longer, but after listening to the full songs, listening to the instrumentals will give you a different perspective on what electronic music can be in the hands of musicians.

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