DTSQ‘s first full-length album Neon-Colored Milky Way is like a journey in a dream with an alien friend. I assume his name is “Puft Marshmallow Man,” who spreads a neon-colored road leading to an unknown world.

dtsq neon coloured milky way

Each track feels like a scrap of a dream which comes discursively, but, like a dream again, they altogether compose a story. The first track “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is coming” is a trailer for the reality-smashing-down fantasy and the second “Breeze” announces the dream’s start. Until the ending “Neon-Colored Milky Way,” which depicts the alien friend’s exit from the stage, the other eight tracks constitute the body of the colorful story.

Overall, the music is so psychedelic. The hard-rock and punk features are alive, but the psychedelic chords paint all the corners. However, their psychedelic is not dark, but rather bright and cheerful like the pink album cover. The sunny and warm melody densely fills up the air with the rich and electronic-flavored instrumentals. The lyrics embroider the music with their whimsical tales. I love the funny and bizarre story in “the Brain song”. Fighting with the brain, the person in the song leaves his brain in the fridge. Although being free from all the stressful thoughts for a while, sadly, he needs his brain back and has to apologize to it. Another lovely track “The Coffee Song” sings that feeling lifeless and no energy is because of not having a coffee the day.

Like those two songs, DTSQ’s music is appallingly realistic, weirdly full of unrealities, simultaneously. However, that weird is not really weird. It is the real life where we always dream of total freedom from all the pressures of ordinary life. Maybe that is a real trigger of all the imaginations. Having walked a long way to their first full-length, DTSQ’s music has matured to show the irony and the result is the album, Neon-Colored Milky Way.

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