There has been a surge of a particular style of indie rock music. It’s a bit low-key with blues, jazz, and funk influences and has been pushed forward by hyukoh. Car, the garden is among these bands, going for a less by-the-books style and creating a more unique voice. Apartment doesn’t color exactly inside those same lines, but definitely adds to this particular discography.

car the garden apartment

“섬으로 가요” even features Oh Hyuk, solidifying the hyukoh-influence. “섬으로 가요” could easily have lived on 23 and while it has a similar tone, Car, the garden have made their own voice. “그저 그런 날” feels even more aged, but warm and welcoming. Car, the garden are able to create landscapes and melodies that draw you in very quickly. Sunwoo Jung-A guests on “Lost 2” and blows the song up. Her voice has always been powerful, but her addition on this track makes me want her as a frequent collaborator because it gives the song so much more strength with her opposing voice to the main vocals.

Even when Car, the garden change things a little with “444,” they’re still able to retain a signature. There’s a definite flow to Apartment and Car, the garden are your guides. If you like hyukoh, you will find a lot to enjoy. The eleven songs have really presented an amazing album. I didn’t hear it until early 2018, but they released in in December 2017. It’s actually an amazing album for the winter season. “갈게” slows things down and really lets the band expand and show off their talents.

Car, the garden could be called a copy of hyukoh, but have their own voice. In some ways, they sound fresher because their style is actually more familiar, but add a small spin on the album. Once you start Apartment, you’ll sit down and listen to it from start to finish. The band has been around since 2013 and Apartment shows polish with each release. Continue to watch them because it sounds like they haven’t hit their peak yet.

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