Burning Hepburn are longstanding members of South Korea’s punk rock scene. The band’s first release was in 2002 and at the end of 2017, the band has released She is Seventeen. The band formed in 2000 and this album is a look at both the past and present of the band. While the band’s roots are in punk rock, She is Seventeen also highlights a progression forward.

burning hepburn she is seventeen

Introducing the album, “Wake Up,” uses the band’s foundation and adds more elements like garage rock and more standard rock elements. But even with this change, Burning Hepburn haven’t lost what makes their music so addictive, it’s the energy behind the music. Even for a band to last 17 years is an accomplishment. Burning Hepburn are celebrating this history by not just doing the same thing on another release. They’re older, more experienced, and know that everyone and everything changes with time. That’s what this album feels like. It’s a party by adults who know that going hard and fast wasn’t what got them to where they are.

Even I was surprised when listening to She is Seventeen. I expected a punk rock album, but got something better. As much as I like punk rock, I do feel that it can get overly repetitive and make songs sound too similar. That’s not present on She is Seventeen. Burning Hepburn have opened a new chapter in their music and I would like to see where they’re going from here. It’s never been about releasing as many albums as possible for Burning Hepburn but creating lasting albums.

She is Seventeen is a transition and excels at that. For people who never heard them before, it doesn’t matter. This album is a great place to start with the band and work your way backwards. Enjoy this release for what it is, old school musicians making an album that doesn’t sound much like their older releases, but still has every hook and verse in the perfect place.

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