Ever since their debut last year, ADOY has been singing about youth. They are by no means rookies, all members having spent their youths in other bands and careers. This is precisely what differentiates them from other bands fixated on youth: ADOY’s takes are romantic in a more refined and retrospective way. The wistfulness continues in their latest album LOVE.


The title track “Wonder” starts off the album on a groovy beat, with plucked guitars for the extra funkiness. The on-beat synths on top of the grooves creates a sense of cosmopolitan ease. The song is a localization of city pop, sentiments on the same page as bands like Bye Bye Badman.

A phrase of woodwinds drives the song “Young,” with a simple chord progression of damp plucked strings and the vocal melodies wrapped around it. A clean and radiating guitar tone ties everything together, while the cowbells, chimes, and the la-la-la in the outro all work towards a wistful feeling. The bass also consistently hits a sweet spot throughout the album, thick but not at all muddy.

The third song is “Bike,” the synths crashing like waves and helping evoke the image of a bike ride along the ocean. The 80s-esque piano is also struck with energy, in contrast to the breezy vocals. The entire song seems to pulsate every four beats.

“Blanc (feat. George)” is a more danceable track, with groovy percussions and a delighted melody. The guitar wades through synth modulations. The soulful chords and funky guitar riff in the bridge is just enough of a change to keep the track interesting.

The next track is “Balloon.” The song brings things back to the groovy nostalgia, this time using a psychedelic guitar tone to go with the drums and bass. The keyboard chord progressions tie everything together.

The final track “It Doesn’t Even Matter” takes on a different sentiment, the pulsating and modulated synths on a drum machine beat creating a more space-like soundscape. The bass yet again manages to find a clean heaviness. The soundscape changes with the chorus, feeling like a dive into water.

The sentiments the band expresses in this album are fit for wistful night drives. They pull it off gracefully, and the album is effortlessly alluring.

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