PAKK is no stranger to the Korean indie rock scene. The band’s first full-length album Salpuri was nominated as one of the Best Metal & Hardcore albums in last year’s annual Korean Music Awards, and they’ve played at Zandari Festa every year since 2015. A few weeks ago, PAKK went on a Taiwan tour with the post rock band Monotheism. They played in Taipei, Tainan, and Kaohsiung over a 4-day period, on the last day of which PAKK played at the 2019 Urban Nomad Freakout Music Fest. We were able to speak with Dae-inn, guitarist and vocalist of PAKK, about his experiences on tour.

PAKK and Monotheism pose after their show at Revolver in Taipei, Taiwan.

PAKK and Monotheism pose after their show at Revolver in Taipei, Taiwan.

Could you briefly introduce PAKK for our readers?

PAKK is a 3-person heavy rock band centered around myself, Park Hyun-seok, and Kim Tae-ho. We play a mix of heaviness, psychedelic, grunge and more on the basis of post rock. It’s hard to define the music of PAKK, but we’re striving for a heavy and unique sound.

What inspired you to go on the recent tour of Taiwan?

Anybody who’s in a band probably dreams of an overseas tour. This was especially the case for us because unlike me, the other two members had never been on such a tour before. But we all have full-time day jobs which makes scheduling difficult, so we had been waiting for the right time. Then the right time came about, so we decided to push for our first overseas tour to Taiwan which is relatively nearby.

I know that you put up a funding show for the tour. Could you tell us a bit more about what the tour planning process was like? Did you have any particular difficulties or enjoyable moments?

Because we’re not a part of any label, I’m usually doing all of the managerial work. Honestly it’s not very hard but it can be a lot to juggle, starting with booking flight tickets and club performances to figuring out transportation routes. It was a little difficult and stressful having to wait for replies to emails, but even that process was fun. And of course the financial aspect is crucial to planning the tour, so we had to put on a funding show. Luckily, a lot of people helped us out and we were successfully able to complete the tour.

What was the vibe like at the clubs in Taiwan? Were there any significant differences or similarities to your experiences with other performances?

It wasn’t too different from the clubs in Korea, but I did think that there was a lot of “thirst for rock” from the Taiwanese fans. Of course, there were still voices there that were sad about how Taiwanese people weren’t listening to rock so much, too, but I did feel that it was still better than how it is in Korea.

PAKK plays at Paramount Live Bar in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

PAKK plays at Paramount Live Bar in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

How do you feel now that you’ve completed the tour?

Personally, this was the most challenging overseas tour experience I’ve had, but it was also the most fun and enjoyable. I think it was great that we chose Taiwan as PAKK’s first successful overseas tour location. People were nice, and the food and drinks were right up our alley as well. Taiwan has become a first-priority tour location for us now. I think we’ll go to Taiwan pretty frequently. It was also even more enjoyable because we were able to record and share each other’s moments with our dear friends Monotheism.

So what’s coming up next for PAKK? Can fans expect more overseas tours or new music?

We are planning to release a second full-length album, but we have a lot of other plans as well so I don’t know how it will go. We will try to go on more overseas tours, but time and money are the issues. Oh, also, we’re participating in a tribute album to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Black Hole’s debut.* The record is coming out soon so please keep an eye out for that. You can check all of our news on our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channels. Thank you so much for reading my long answers.

*Black Hole debuted in 1989 with the album Miracle and has been active in the Korean heavy metal scene ever since. The tribute album will include songs from bands like Dark Mirrors Ov Tragedy (DMOT), Remnants Of The Fallen, Method, Memnoch, Vassline, Abyss, Unchained, ABTB, and PAKK. The 10-track crowd-funded album, to be titled Re-encounter the Miracle, is currently set to be digitally released one track at a time starting June 15, 2019.

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