I’ve been listening to Bosudongcooler‘s EP on and off since it released. It felt like a spring release even though it came out in June. The band’s modern indie rock mixed with a bit of 1950s rock and roll is a strong introduction to the band. yeah, I don’t want it feels like it should go in one direction, but the band plays against that and present themselves as a unique band.

bosudongcooler yeah i don't want it

“You were here, but disappeared” is a mid-tempo indie rock track that almost sounds too standard. 정주리‘s vocals are sung in English which was a bit of a surprise, but she has a mellow and warm voice. It feels a lot like something you’d hear in the background while walking near the beach. It’s light, but welcoming. 구슬한‘s backup vocals help add a little depth, but they serve more to accent certain sections of the verse.

“0308” is a lot different from “You were here, but disappeared.” It starts with a spoken word introduction before going into the chorus melody. It breaks up the song well and because it’s a little weird, makes the song more interesting. I think this song helps highlight 정주리’s voice. It also gives the band more variety in its music. While they could have stuck to the standard rock composition, Bosudongcooler give a different interpretation.

Switching a bit, “Door” is a song that makes me think of a night at a bar and a band playing for the customers. It’s a low-key track that remains calm throughout. Guitars play a prominent place in the track with the bass and drums sitting in the back to provide tempo. “Door” is an excellent example of how every instrument has a place and doesn’t need to have a “feature.”

After the more energetic tracks at the beginning of yeah, I don’t want it, Bosudongcooler pull back for the rest of the EP. “Cotton” reminds me a bit of early Hyukoh, but with a surf rock spin. I do like how Bosudongcooler’s music isn’t overly complicated, but the melodies the band create are immediately welcoming.

Finishing yeah, I don’t like it is “After this summer end.” Like “Cotton,” it brings in some other influences mixed with Bosudongcooler’s core style. It’s an end of the night song, after the last drink, and that long walk home. “After this summer end” is the perfect song to end yeah, I don’t like it.

Starting from the first track of Bosudongcooler’s EP, I feel like the band plays a trick on listeners. “You were here, but disappeared” isn’t like other songs on the album and could trick listeners into thinking the band is one way when tracks deeper into the EP are more engaging. I’m interested in seeing where the band goes from here. They could move further into surf rock or explore including other styles more to make a signature sound.

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