ESAE is back with her new single “trying,”an ode to the experiences one may have when going through an emotional pit. The light and airy vocals accompanied by a simple instrumental of a shaker, piano, and bass allow us to easily resonate with the story being told. Starting off the song with a deep sigh and a mention of friends checking in, we can see how vulnerable and honest ESAE is about to be.

esae trying

“Trying” is very obviously about the thoughts that go through the mind of someone who has decided that they are done trying to live. With lyrics like “I’m trying my best to stop these monsters from yelling inside my head. I’m trying, but nothing stops this from happening,” it flows like a diary entry you would find years later leading you fully understand why someone is the way they are.

The track is accompanied by a video subtitled in Korean. The visual, focusing on shadows and silhouettes, presents us with a young woman in her room starting the day. As she continues on, first alone, she expresses her emotions through dance and motion. As the melodies pick up, the girl is met by another as ESAE makes her appearance during the bridge.

Coming at the end of Suicide Prevention Month, this song so beautifully marks the emotional state and thoughts of one going through those gripping feelings of no longer wanting to try.

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