In the midst of navigating through artists that try to sound like everyone else, Love X Stereo has always stayed true to their unique sound regardless of what genre they’re currently exploring. Their latest remix album titled 37X refers to the group’s aspiration to create 37 tracks within a year and they do not disappoint with these ten newly reinvented versions of some of their best songs.

love x stereo 37x

Love X Stereo combined a number of different textures and moods to create a diverse listening experience in this album. 37X has a gradual progression that allows the listening experience to feel more cohesive. The group’s characteristic synth-pop sound definitely comes to the forefront in this album, making it my choice for a dreamy, interstellar road trip.

The album opens with my personal favorite, “Turn It Up (Arts Effects Remix),” which takes a unique twist on the original song by contrasting Annie’s soft vocals with poppy synth sounds and catchy guitar hooks sprinkled throughout the song in tasteful amounts.

Although all the songs have some sort of undulating and pulsating rhythm, some of the songs had a more haunting and emotional spin. Track three, “All Over Again (Urban Remix),” starts out with an emotional but simple hook, “don’t ever let me go,” lying delicately on top of a reggae style beat complemented with an ambient synth pad.

However, no matter what mood or tempo, each song has an earworm of a melody that makes you want to hum along. “Le Grande Bleu (Clockwork Remix)” is one of those songs that pulled me into a head-bobbing trance that I simply can’t, and don’t want to get out of.

The album also brings in some techno with “We Love We Leave (Techno Remix)” that displays excellent but simple lyricism that makes it the perfect song to sing along to at a vibey dance party.

Regardless of where you stand on some of the more niche genres of music, Love X Stereo is undeniably a group that isn’t scared to create music that sounds like them and no one else. 37X may be a remix album, but Toby and Annie managed to successfully present a new side of their artistry to the table for old and new fans alike to enjoy.

If you’re on the road looking for something amongst the stars, 37X should definitely be a part of your driving playlist.

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