Experimental electronic band TENGGER, consisting of married couple itta/Jeong Eun Choi and Marqido (and occasionally their child, RAAI), are about to embark on a European tour, which will take place from November 8 to November 22. TENGGER is a truly singular band and you should not miss them if they are performing near you.

During their tour, TENGGER will be playing at festivals including Le Guess Who? (Utrecht, November 8), Synasthesie Festival (Berlin, November 16), and Line Check Festival (Milan, November 21). They will also play shows in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Poland throughout the the duration of November. Check out the schedule on their Facebook page for time, venue, and city information. 

Having recently moved to Seoul, I’ve had the privilege of attending two TENGGER concerts and an exhibition. Each event was a transformative experience. TENGGER are thorough and intentional about the philosophy, impact, and accessibility of their music and are radically considerate of their listeners.

Their music is gorgeous with its mixture of intricate, surging analog synth drones and haunting voice, toy instrument, and harmonium melodies. The ocean-themed visuals that accompany their performances symbolize their sound well: an expansive body of water that is at once unruly and peaceful. 

itta and RAAI at Saengi Studio in Seoul

My favorite TENGGER concert that I attended was their children’s concert. At this concert, children were invited to make water-dye paintings while TENGGER performed and their child, RAAI, did a beautiful dance. During the performance, I was struck by how although TENGGER’s music is experimental (it is non-linear, incorporates theatrics, has experimental timbres, and encourages progressive listening philosophies), it resonates with and is welcoming to a variety of audiences, even children. Experimental music is known to exclude audiences so this is a special feat that TENGGER has achieved in multiple permutations in their work.

Another example of TENGGER’s thoughtful artistic philosophy is their DOCASSETTE. The DOCASSETTE is clear, cube-shaped cassette player invented by TENGGER which features only a stop and play button. With the device, TENGGER promotes a tactile, cyclical way of listening to music that aligns with Taoist philosophies and the cycles of nature.

The device is easy to use and emits vibrations, making it accessible to those with hearing and vision impairments. Just like TENGGER’s music, the DOCASETTE promotes meditation and challenges the hyper-stimulated way we listen to music in the modern age.

Should you have the chance to see TENGGER during their tour: go, go, go! It will soothe your soul, help you explore your subconscious, and make you reconsider the way you listen to and think about music. 

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