Conut is an artist that reached out through email. I don’t think I would have found her otherwise. She’s released two EPs along with multiple singles and Dreamy Drive is from 2018. As a mix between indie pop and electronic music, Conut is focused on very melodic music that sounds like the transition between spring to summer or fall to winter. It’s easy on the ears, has strong hooks, and doesn’t really try to move in drastic means.

conut dreamy drive

“Scooter” starts Dreamy Drive and keeps with the theme of movement. The song actually does have a very forward tempo and while it’s not super fast, it does remind me of a moving vehicle. At the end of verses, it feels like the song, and you as the listener, are slowing down. “Scooter” is a very radio friendly track and plays it very safe. But even within those boundaries, the song is enjoyable. It plays well during a commute home which is how I listened to the EP.

Following “Scooter” is “White Blossom.” With this song, Conut moves into different territory. The mix of her warm and light vocals with the very easy going instrumentals feels like you’re sitting in a field. “White Blossom” is compelling because it has a lot of layers beyond the guitar, bass, and simple drum rhythm.

The added effects give the song a ripple effect with the melody. As the notes repeat and fade out, Conut’s vocals slide across the beats. It’s one of those songs that can get lost in the background, but feels good even when it’s not at the front of your attention.

“I Will” is the most indie-ish electronic song. It still relies on the same slower tempos, Conut’s unique vocals, and very melodic verses. The way that Conut keeps each song different is what is impressive. She could have easily used a simple copy/past method to create songs that felt different but used all the same elements. The mid-song keyboard synth breakdown could be a little stronger, but I like the intentional break.

I like Conut’s style and how she arranges her music. “On the Road” is my favorite song, mainly because she’s not using the higher register vocals that’s standard of her previous songs. “On the Road” also has more attitude and feels like she’s being more determined than relying on a pop-friendly tone. This track is still safe in terms of style and volume, but it shows a separate side.

“A Cactus Day” has a lot of similar elements to “White Blossom.” I actually thought I was listening to a remix of “White Blossom.” The beat is very similar and the vocals delivery comes in an identical style. I’m not sure if the songs were two separate demos and split into two songs or they were a single song previously, but it’s strange to hear a song so similar on the same release.

Conut has a good amount of music and her 2019 single, Wash & Dry, is fun. Dreamy Drive is a good way to introduce yourself to her music as she defines her style very well. Indie pop and light electronic pop fans will definitely enjoy her music.

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