The album starts out leading listeners on a journey of introspection added with a flair of rock and blues. Some lo-fi vocal samples start off the group’s first track “Where is My Everything” before breaking into synth-pop band sounds that immediately jolts the reader into a heavy rock beat that can’t help, but get me singing.

wetter we've lost what now

The ongoing pulse of the song gives the song an energy that is contagious and cannot be contained. In contrast to the music’s bright and intense color, it is clear that the lyrics tell a different story of existential crisis, fulfilling the paradoxical nature of the song.

The group’s second track “I Don’t Wanna be A Doll” starts with a country-esque guitar rift that definitely proves to be an earworm. The rap part adds to the further vibe of the song by giving the song a rebel-like quality that is less sentimental than demanding. The phrasing of the lyrics themselves seem sassy and almost flippant, embodying the true rock and roll spirit that the group aimed to capture.

“Hello, Sunshine” takes the group’s stereotypical rock genre and brightens it up using a more upbeat melody and vibe. The lyrics are also more positive and state “hello sunshine, I feel free now.” If the other songs were focused on an inner reflection, “Hello Sunshine” is a bold exclamation embodying the entire concept of “carpe diem.”

“Dear My Friend,” on the other hand, brings viewers back down to earth with a low key and mellow rock ballad. The all-English track evokes an emotion of a loss and regret embedded into the vocals as well as the arrangement, making it one of my favorite tracks on the album.

The album ends with “Just Stay,” a song reminiscent of the retro 80s with poppy synth pads galore introduced in the production. Unlike some of the songs, the lyrics are completely in Korean, giving the song an even more nostalgic and melancholy vibe. “Let’s just stay the way we are” was an impactful line that really made the song stand out on its own.

Overall, We’ve Lost, What Now? gave me an enjoyable listening experience that happened to play the day the California rain decided to make a rare visit out to the dry desert. I felt like the songs matched perfectly with the mood, introspective but hoping for more the next day.

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