Some time before the end of the year, I put a survey on Korean Indie’s SNS asking readers what they would be interested in reading on the site for 2020. My plan was to take these and figure out how to integrate the best ones into 2020 content.

But as I read them, I thought it might be more interesting to respond to each one (since there are only 13) with how I might go about this or respond if this person was in front of me.

Let’s get started.

More actual “indie rock”.

What the hell are you talking about? We’ve published a lot of “indie rock” bands.
Also periods go inside quotations, you savage.

threads to knows more of artists !

I’m assuming this is more like artists/genre top lists. Here’s the thing. Top lists to me are garbage content and click bait. I did it before and it’s not worth the time honestly.
There are a lot of sites that love top lists for content or YouTube channels that make “mixes” essentially making long videos of non-licensed music.
But it’s not something I feel is beneficial to the artist or worth the time or effort of the Korean Indie writers.

Gig reviews if possible? Along with a review of the venues too perhaps. Other than that, keep up the good work!!!

Here’s another piece of content that I feel is not worth the effort of writers. If you like a band, go see them live. Don’t rely on the words of someone else.
Also, only a couple of our writers are in South Korea, and if they go to a show, they should enjoy it, and not have to think about content.
We’re not Google reviews or Yelp for venues either. This is strictly subjective, but most venues in Korea will probably disappoint more visitors for how small and cramped they can be. But you should go for the experience.

Some info about new release, perhaps some interviews too if the opportunities are there. And still reviews sometimes 🙂

We don’t publish a lot of “news” content short of an artist asking us directly. New releases are difficult for a couple reasons. One, they are first released in South Korea before being released on other music platforms.
As this isn’t a full time gig, we can’t keep track of release dates because the first goddamn comment on every post would be “it’s not available for me” kind of bullshit. Music licensing is a beast and we share music that we think people would like when we find it.

Interview are always something we’re working on, but there are many factors like time, translation, editing, etc. We are always looking for interviews.

More of the same to be honest. I like the straightforward reviews of new releases.

This person gets it.

Some background about the artists you post in the tweet with genre maybe.

Why? What does an artist’s background matter when you’re listening to their music first?

A podcast would be interesting! I don’t get to engage with the website as much as I would like but would like to be apprised of new releases in the korean indie scene. I can listen to podcasts more easily during my commute or at work. I understand that you’re a small enterprise and maybe don’t have the capacity for something permanent. Keep up the great work!

This person also gets it.

Can we have an Indie Jazz/blues Night every month?

You can have anything you want, but not from us.

A indie/punk gig guide. Where/who/when weekly.

Your solution.

Album review/ more information about Korean punk/hardcore

I’ve said this in pretty much every single one of my reviews about punk and hardcore. It’s fucking difficult to find. A lot of bands come and go quickly. I try my best.

More concert content, exclusive footage, interviews, photo galleries, intros to new/old groups.

Why do you need concert content, exclusive footage, or galleries? Interviews were working on. Intros? For what?

more exposure to Korean indie music on different music platforms

I see you don’t scroll to the bottom of EVERY SINGLE REVIEW with sns and streaming platform links.

korean local band , especially bosudongcooler (the most coolest band in korea )

I see someone being cheeky.

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