What sticks out about BULGOLGIDISCO from the first listen is how it pulls from a similar place as The Koxx. It’s not just the inclusion of Hyunsong, but the rhythms and melodies have a very similar place. I only happened to come across BULGOLGIDISCO through a mention in an Instagram post and the music video being promoted online.


I didn’t know of Hyunsong’s part of the band and I also don’t know the current status of The Koxx because of BULGOLGIDISCO, but I do know that while this band might pull from a similar space, it also brings something new to the independent scene.

For a first LP, the somewhat self-titled album hits all the best points. “Sunday Roast” introduces the band with an instrumental, fast tempo indie rock track that hints at what is coming. It moves into “Let’s Dance” which could be a The Koxx b-side that’s finally being utilized. It’s one of the most addictive songs on the album. But even addictive as it is, it’s also very repetitive.

What’s good about the album is that the order of tracks moves further giving you something different. “Thought Forget” is a slower, mellow track that slides around on its almost five minute playtime. “Look Up The Star” returns to a The Koxx-esque reminder. But instead some of the frantic energy, Hyunsong is able to take it easier.

“Monsoon” is BULGOLGIDISCO’s ballad. But it’s an indie rock ballad. The rest of the album’s songs jump in energy giving you just enough to keep you excited. After listening to BULGOG!D!SCO, there’s so much The Koxx influence coming through that I wonder what’s happening to the band.

BULGOLGIDISCO definitely fill the space that The Koxx left behind so any fan can easily jump forward and still enjoy the same style of music. The self-titled album is an interesting start, but with so much other styles of music emerging, I wonder where BULGOLGIDISCO will sit.

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