ESAE releases only bops, I don’t make the rules.

esae groove

No, honestly, in all seriousness — I adore ESAE and I download her newest releases almost immediately, and have yet to be disappointed by anything she’s put out. “Groove” is no exception, and, as the title would suggest, it’s a groovy song.

It feels like a bit of a departure from ESAE’s usual work, which tends to be a bit more melancholy in tone, but the lyrics still have the usual hopeful tone that tends to draw people towards her. The single is a fun-filled electro-pop reminder to stay young at heart, and I would honestly be shocked if you can keep yourself from bobbing along to the melody while listening.

The dancey synth track has gotten stuck in my head like gum on a shoe, so just know that if you need me, I’ll be streaming “Groove!”

In the wise words of ESAE herself

Take a step back

Relax your body and ride the rhythm!

As a bonus, check out the MV released for the 2019 version of the track.

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