Yura came to my attention early this year with her 2019 debut single, “Pearl.” Up until this past week, I hadn’t realized she had put out new material – but am I ever glad that she did! In her first EP, Scrapbook, Yura reminds me of why “Pearl” was (and is) such an earworm for me.

yura scrapbook

An immediate contrast to the lo-fi, semi-R&B Pearl, “Click” is a guitar-driven, indie-electronic style song. It utilizes some sounds you may recognize from messaging apps, some of which are expertly mixed to create a beat. Yura’s semi-throaty vocals suit her almost lo-fi electro-pop stylings.

The second track, “Lovebug,” has a heavy bassline and is more reminiscent of her debut single. It has some elements of city pop mixed in, including more use of synth. She also explores her vocal range more in this track than in any prior. The playful mood of the song fits with the theme of falling into a new love and being consumed by the emotional high of it.

“I Must Have Been Crazy” ushers in Yura’s semi-rap stylings while simultaneously meshing it with her usual chill electro-pop stylings. The instrumental track is more minimal, with the focus shifted to her vocals and the layering she has done with them. The track itself is upbeat and cutesy sounding, carrying some elements from 8-bit music which I find to be really intriguing.

The tracks in the album seem to tell the story of a relationship, from its hurried, eager beginnings over text in “Click” to only memories in the lo-fi synth-ballad EP finale, “Butterfly Effect.” The EP shows a range in Yura’s stylistic capabilities, while also maintaining a smooth listening experience. If you like the artistic stylings of Sunday Moon or Yayyoung, I would highly recommend giving Yura a listen.

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