The last release I heard by Oh Hee Jung was 2017 Short Film. I missed Yop, though I’ll have to go back to it. Essentially, I’m coming back to listening to Oh Hee Jung after three or so years. Our Fault is another example of why I enjoyed her music so much in years past.

oh hee jung our fault

Oh Hee Jung’s music style mixes electronic, pop, and singer-songwriter elements together. Her vocals are the glue that mesh everything together. Her past work in Beautiful Days doesn’t make as much as a presence anymore and she’s moved into these great electronic tracks. I continue to enjoy the wide spectrum of electronic artists and their unique perspectives.

“Our Fault” combines a groove-infused percussion with multiple melodies from guitar and keyboards to create a waterfall of sound. While the track has a lot going on, it feels like you’re walking through a mellow rain. Oh Hee Jung’s voice is the sun and drying everything off. It’s a great start to the six-song EP.

“When I Sleep” starts with an extended guitar introduction. It gives a warm welcome to the track right before the percussion instrumental jumps in with the bass. “When I Sleep” is rhythm-focused. Jo Joong Hyun‘s participation with guitar and bass add a lot to the song to the point where it feels like two perfect songs layered on top of one another. The electronic melodies blend perfectly with the organic instrumentals and support each other. Even though the song sounds simple, there are a lot of different lines moving in parallel.

I especially like how Oh Hee Jung is exploring a lot more electronic audio landscapes beyond just the song structure. “He’s Comin'” is a spacewalk. The sustained keyboard synths and slow and deliberate drum line makes it feel a little off balance, but her vocals keep things moving forward. I think “He’s Comin'” is also the track that really showcases her vocals. They don’t need to belt high volumes, but wrap around your ears like a snake.

Oh Hee Jung always has consistency with her music. Outside of Yop, every song element has a specific place and purpose. Our Fault is comforting and warm which goes great with the current times. Electronic artists continue to develop their own paths and Oh Hee Jung is a welcome part of that group.

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