COR3A‘s first released work that I knew was the album released with Ji Park. Less of an album and more of a partnered media experience, L’Inferno: Adapted Soundtrack vol. 1, had a specific tone and theme that worked in conjunction with the media side of things. Now, The Early Hits of COR3A, is a singular vision from the trio focusing and highlighting their ability to create melodies, percussion, and verses through tones and what could easily be described as noise.

cor3a the early hits of cor3a

“Lux Orientis” slowly introduces COR3A. The music doesn’t start immediately and slowly comes into realization. HEO, WYMM, and ZRO are all talented electronic artists with their own perspectives on making audio. The combination of the three creates unique sequences that wouldn’t normally be considered “music.” But it’s through their knowledge that COR3A works so well.

You could get some comparisons to Idiotape, but that trio are more focused on high energy and fast tempo audio experiences. COR3A is going to test your patience and understanding of what music can be. “Same Old Fear” is an example. It uses a lot of layered tones and repeated sequences. It’s almost distracting and feels like things are building to a crescendo and you have to impatiently wait for it.

I don’t know if the album title is referenced to early demos that were fleshed out or a tongue-in-cheek joke that all these songs are going to be hits when it’s obvious most people don’t listen to this specific style of music. “Spheriods” is a close approximation to Idiotape without the live drums and you might think the track is a B-side. But I also think that “Spheriods” is the core of what COR3A will be.

The 12 songs all use different foundations and the album definitely doesn’t have an easily understandable cohesive flow. But that’s what’s great about The Early Hits of COR3A. The title alone gives you the freedom to find the tracks that speak closest to you and move past the more strange instrumental tracks.

You’re not meant to wholely understand what COR3A is trying to do. But enter the doorway into their audio space and experience the world as they see fit. The Early Works of COR3A is the best of the electronic genre in its experimentation and use of audio spatial awareness. But it’s also an album that will convince people to think it’s too experimental or weird. That’s the genius behind this album. Giving it a try is really all you have to do, from the first track to the last.

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