Coming only a few months after their debut album and less than half a year after their collaboration with Ji Park, COR3A’s two-track EP, Soldering #1, finds the experimental trio revisit and expand on the atmosphere and language of both.

cor3a soldering #1

The EP opens with the piece “A Bleached Anxiety” where the trio returns to their frequent collaborator, Ji Park, to revisit territories, similar to those of their collaborative album L’Inferno. The song is deep and dark, with subterraneously low drones contrasted with beautiful ambient atmospheres, and interspersed with faint crackles and a bit of bit-crushed noise. 

COR3A’s highly atmospheric electronics are combined amazingly with bursts of Park’s cello and quiet parts in which she uses different techniques for creating sounds with her instrument. The overall atmosphere of the song is strengthened by the beautiful and natural reverb and an overall feeling of space. It’s as if we are there with them, drifting through a place both hazy and dark but also light and even maybe slightly hopeful. Amazing!

“Mysteronic Biscuited” has the feeling and atmosphere of a very drawn-out and spacey synth jam in which the mid-tempo lo-fi hip-hop-reminiscent beat just goes on and on and on, creating a kind of meditative and psychedelic vibe. This is very interesting as it is also the freest piece of music from COR3A I have ever heard. There’s just this feeling of the different players easing up into the song and testing new melodic variations or types of sounds and textures.

This ends up in a piece that is both kind of repetitive and loose but at the same time, full of variation and detail and worthy of numerous listens, just like a 70s psych jam or maybe something by TENGGER, only slightly more textured and busier. All of this, together with the length of the song (exactly ten minutes) and the way it ends, makes me feel that is an excerpt of a much longer jam. A jam I would love to listen to in its entirety.

With Soldering #1, COR3A have shown yet another aspect of their music and managed to create one of their most accomplished works to date. I sincerely hope the numbering isn’t a joke or a game and the band delivers many more works in the same vein because I would love to hear them explore either direction taken with this release!

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