It’s been years since I heard the name, Crystal Tea, and all of a sudden I started seeing teasers for music videos online. I was curious to know if this was the Crystal Tea I heard with “Boy’s Caravan” or a new artist who adopted the name. I was surprised to see that it was the one that I remember, though with a different style from my memory.

crystal tea pink movie

I would think that Pink Movie is a restart and reintroduction to Crystal Tea. Before she was very much an indie pop crossed with folk-esque elements and I wondered if that would continue. Pink Movie has some of those elements, but I think she’s also exploring a wider scope of music and not being defined by her previous releases. “If I Were a Cat” is very much like “Boy’s Caravan” era Crystal Tea. The addition of keyboards in the full band sound are nostalgic for 2016 when a lot of artists followed that style. Once the track ends it flows directly into “Boyfriend Express.”

This song starts a transition in Pink Movie. The track is focused on an indie pop rock, sounding a bit Japanese pop and pop punk at the same time. The vocals sound effortless and Crystal Tea is simply warming up. It’s an older sounding song compared to what artists are presenting today and that history actually helps the song stand out. It’s less about being overly complicated and serious, “Boyfriend Express” is a fun song that you don’t really need to put so much effort in just enjoying.

“Roman Porno” had music video teasers and I didn’t really understand any of them. Even after I watched the whole thing, I wondered what Crystal Tea was doing. “Roman Porno” is a mix between styles that kind of takes elements of jazz, swing, indie, and pop. Basically Crystal Tea is using what’s useful and needed for the track. The tempo definitely takes a swing approach, mainly guided by the keyboards. “Roman Porno” also feels like it doesn’t have a true chorus and just reached the bridge before it finally changes.

“There There” returns to an indie pop mixed with pop punk sound and it probably the best single to draw people in. It’s a a fun track that’s support through good vocals and instrumental, especially the bass which travels everywhere during the song. The last two songs on Pink Movie continue the overall theme of the EP.

Crystal Tea was an artist that released some music and then seemed to fade away. It’s nice that she didn’t quit music and has returned bringing her original style forward while evolving and creating a sound that’s familiar and new. I think Pink Movie is great for listeners who want something melodically solid and enjoyable. It’s definitely an outlier now with more artist takes distinct approaches to music and their style. Sometimes you just want something fun to listen to and Crystal Tea offers that without a problem.

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