Looking for new writers for 2020

The website has always been a passion project, after work, and takes a lot of time. But I feel the benefit of the site is introducing and promoting independent bands and musicians who otherwise might be stuck within the circles that they exist in right now.

As we promote both Korean and international Korean artists, the amount of emails, SNS messages, and communications is overwhelming. I want to highlight as many bands as possible, but the small (actually tiny) team we have isn’t enough.

The site needs more writers, people who love music, and love helping other people discover music. That said, Korean Indie is not about pop music, as much as people try to push it on us. It’s about support artists around the world and helping them find an audience in another country, continent, or city.

So I’m looking for more writers. These are volunteer writing positions. I would love to pay people for writing, but the site isn’t self-sustaining (and has never been).

I want to see the site continue to help aspiring writers grow portfolios, make connections, and build their voice.

If you’re interested in a writing position, please fill out this questionnaire. Please do not email us about your application. We will contact writers.

Korean Indie owner and Editor at Large. Constantly looking for new music and working on library parity on Spotify and YouTube Music.