It’s really interesting to see how We Are The Night has moved on from their original pop punk origins as Rocket Diary. Since 2013, the band has been moving further into the indie rock, electronic pop rock world with each release. They might have found more success or comfort exploring these genres and with VERTIGO, We Are The Night truly are a band entrenched.

we are the night vertigo

VERTIGO is different from previous albums. Or it could be the expected progression. This is because VERTIGO is an album that’s focusing on the slow side of life. Released in April 2019, I would think that We Are The Night would look towards a more summer-style album. But the band has a lot more bands paralleling the style. It’s possible that We Are The Night really wanted a standout album in their discography.

“Take Your Camera,” “Bunker,” and “Snorkeling” all follow the same basic formula. Use a slow tempo, add easy melodies, and vocals that slide into the ears. There’s nothing new coming from the songs, they are pure We Are The Night in style and substance. If you want more exciting music, you might want to look towards their self titled debut. Honestly, VERTIGO is hipster gold.

The laid back easiness of VERTIGO is also its strength. It’s not asking much from the listener, even your attention. You can easily put it on in the background and just enjoy verses here and there. In some ways, VERTIGO comes across like a set of B-sides. None of the tracks stick out as big singles, but each song is solid. “The Nightmare” takes a different approach by adding more synth percussion backing instrumentals with different sets of vocals.

Gogang and Jeebanoff are featured on “Lie.” The addition of new voices gives the song its place as the most interesting song on the album. But outside of the guest vocals, the instrumentals don’t move very far. The songs closing VERTIGO sound like music you’d hear as a bar is closing to denote that the night is ending. They have a sleepy theme like you’re walking home after a solo night at a bar.

We Are The Night has moved away from their punk start. But in this iteration, the group is making different music that will find fans in this current music landscape. Fans of pop will likely find something good with We Are The Night. And indie pop rock and electronic indie pop enthusiasts will enjoy everything We Are The Night have to offer.

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