Having written at length about all of COR3A’s previous efforts and having loved the direction taken by the project on their EP Soldering #1, it’s only natural that I was very excited to see them drop the second part of the Soldering series. 

cor3a soldering #2

This two-song EP is a continuation of the series not in name only but in spirit, too as here the experimental trio continues exploring different electronic genres using only modular synthesizers. 

“Hyperactivity” starts with something that reminds me of a grainier version of old game sounds. It’s awesome and I kinda feel like I know where it’s headed. That is, until the unexpected drum and bass beat drops. It’s a bit weird at the beginning but it soon creates a very interesting juxtaposition between the darkness of the dnb beat and the slightly colored chirpiness of the synth arpeggio. This soon becomes a dialogue not between sounds but between decades and their aesthetics. Pretty interesting. 

“Valley of Mist” is much calmer than the previous song, with a nicely layered and lush ambient atmospheres. On top of them there are seemingly random sounds and textures that move from left to right and while doing so, almost manage to create a kind of a rhythm. These sounds themselves are very exciting as they remind me both of synthesized woodwind and string instruments but also like a glitching CD. This, again, creates an interesting juxtaposition and eventual agreement between the two seemingly very different sounds. 

It seems that exploration of seemingly ill-fitting or contradictory sounds and genres was the concept between this brief EP by COR3A and it has paid off handsomely for this is one of the best releases by the band to date. 

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