The Chinkees were a very important band when I first found about Asian Man Records. Run by Mike Park, the label had many albums from favorite bands and listening to The Chinkees taught me that Asians could play punk rock, ska, and any other genre they wanted.

the chinkees
The Chinkees Original Line-up

After 2002’s Searching For A Brighter Future, I started to wonder why Mike Park would feature a lot of Japanese bands, but kind of strayed from any level of Korean music. As I got older and started exploring Korean music myself, The Chinkees remained an important part of my music history but an older chapter.

Now in 2020, the band returns with Mike Park and Steve Choi with Roger Camero and Kevin Higuchi rounding out the quartet. K.A. Music marks the return of the group, randomly on my actual birthday as well. Featuring the same ska punk energy, K.A. Music is a welcome return from the past.

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