Since its inception, the modular synth trio COR3A has continued releasing albums, collaborations, and EPs on a very steady basis. In fact, they have been so productive that they managed to release their newest single Soldering #3 exactly a week after Soldering #2, the previous installment in the Soldering series. Now that’s what I call dedication and hard work!

cor3a soldering #3

The single continues the trend set by Soldering #2. There are two songs and each of them is a different subgenre of electronic music with slightly different atmosphere.

The single starts off with the piece “Depas” which finds the trio using high frequencies that jump around space. Though precise and crystal clear, they somehow manage to also have a lot of personality and character. This makes them even more interesting and helps them blend much better with the warm and organic-sounding bass and synth melody. Speaking of the melody, it is so simple and memorable that around the middle of the song I felt I’ve heard it before. To be honest, I even felt that I’ve known it for half my life… It’s that big of an earworm haha.  

With its lush, slow, and nostalgia-inducing melodies on top of a steady slightly distorted beat, “When You Were Alone” reminds me a lot of a progeny between vaporwave and techno. The beat is centered and steady, mid-tempo, not urgent, yet resolved to carry on possibly forever. On top of it, there are the most luxuriant and laid-back synth melody imaginable and soft and rhythmical crackles. It’s so good, it transports me to another time and place. A place drenched of neon lights and moving in slow motion. Pretty awesome.

With their newest offering, COR3A managed to create the most pleasant and assured music in their existence. Both songs are great, and I would love to hear the trio continue its exploration of the sounds and atmosphere of either of them. 

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