Less than a year after Contemporary, FFRD have returned with a new EP. WHAT YOU NEED feels different from the first release. Contemporary felt a little more “hard” electronic throughout the different songs. WHAT YOU NEED goes in another direction with a more organic style.

ffrd what you need

The collaboration between Dongchan and Dubinvain really produces some unique sounds. “What You Need” does feel like a connection to Contempoary that transitions into WHAT YOU NEED. CABBI‘s feature adds a little dimension to the song, but doesn’t really make it sound outside of the duo’s style.

“Dummer Wanted” is another collaboration composition that, like the title, focuses a lot on the percussion elements of the song. The bass pulses push the tempo and each sample, even when melodic, adds to the pulse of the track. I think when the pair have their own songs like “Today Session” by Dongchang, you definitely get the singular perspective of music. Compare that to “Oyster Room” by Dubinvain and it’s more of a dance club electronic song. Stripped of a lot of excessive melodies, “Oyster Room” is still heavy in percussion but uses more pulse sounds over long tone strings.

Both Dongchan and Dubinvain offer collaborative and solo works on WHAT YOU NEED. It’s definitely a step in a different direction over the the previous EP and feels like the individual artists have grown in their tastes. FFRD might be a mix of the two together to really see how the styles mix.

Electronic music is wide and each artist has their unique sound. Together FFRD are making electronic music that can speak to a wide audience.

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