Mellow Blush came to my attention by way of a Twitter direct message. It’s very likely I would have otherwise never heard of her work any other way. She’s an artist in animation, but also makes music under the name Mellow Blush. Herland is an album from 2019, but comes across like a timeless album as electronic albums have the ability to do.

mellow blush herland

In terms of style within the electronic genre, I would have to say it’s a mix of synthpop, chillwave, ambient, and chiptune. The songs are laid-back and work perfectly as background music when needed or if you actively listen, you get a nice layering of melodies that give a sense of calm. Herland also could feel like a video game soundtrack with each song acting as a level’s soundtrack, at least that’s what I get from “Purple Noise.”

The pulsing percussion that sits a bit in front of the melodies gives a heightened pace before the song fades out into a restart. It feels like a reboot and adds even more sample layers. “Magnolia House” is aptly named as it feels like a tour through a mansion that you shouldn’t be inside. The track feels regal but downplays this romantic tone with the percussion beats.

Unlike other electronic artists, Mellow Blush’s Herland feels more like a collection of tracks rather than setting one cohesive audio narrative through the track order. I enjoy that because you can definitely hear the foundations of Mellow Blush in every song, but she’s exploring different ideas. Her percussion is fond of using a break-beat type rhythm while the melodies either sustain across multiple measures and get accented with opposing notes.

Herland and its eight main songs may cater to the chillwave and lo-fi audience at the start, especially if you pick certain singles like “Full Moon” or “There Is a House in the Island and a Room in the House.” But then songs like “Black Flower” and “Bioluminescence” offer something a little different. The two remixes by Aotq and Seimei offer a new perspective on tracks, but fit to close out the album.

Mellow Blush is a hidden artist. Aside from her main occupation, she’s using another avenue to express another form of creativity. Herland is a great low-key electronic album that doesn’t ask much from the listener except to enjoy the experience. Herland can definitely stand as a great addition to anyone’s library.

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