YouTube has become the best place to find new bands. Even with discovery algorithms on Spotify and now YouTube Music, these platform still provide a lot of irrelevant music. I saw one of BEACON’s live videos and started looking for more info. I found their Bandcamp page with the previously released hater. I unfortunately forgot about the band until they popped up again in my Bandcamp feed and quickly bought Trash.

trash beacon

A six song garage rock and punk mixed with grunge EP, Trash is recognizable stylistically. There’s nothing surprising about the music genre. The grunge and garage rock elements are fused with punk rock to create fast tempo songs with a lot of distortion and heaviness. The female fronted vocals add a good top layer to all the instrumentals. The music can be overbearing, but the rasp of the vocals compliment the music perfectly. The mixing on the tracks helps this with the bass and drums sitting prominently in the music with the guitars and vocals fighting with each other for the remaining space. The vocals usually win, but the guitars are able to make a case when necessary.

“Trash” as the introduction is perfect because it doesn’t wait around and gets into the song’s meat quickly. “You’re right” with its English vocals make it instantly accessible. The band was really able to capture the energy of the band and not pacify the songs. There’s still hints of rawness in the music and the production has retained the personality really well. Six songs is the perfect amount of tracks to understand a band’s perspective and BEACON continuously reinforce the chosen genres really well.

“Wave” is the mid EP break adding an almost end-of-water surf rock element into the song. Even when the band takes a break to add a small instrumental, they don’t waste time or allow the song to drag. I can imagine a live show with BEACON is a lot of fun. Honestly, BEACON plays a tried-and-true music genre and they’re not trying to change or go crazy, resulting in solid songs that are fun and enjoyable.

“Face down” and “Lyrics” are some of the best because they are so simple. I’m partial to “Lyrics” over any other song because it’s the most direct and allows 계현 to be free with the vocals. Closing Trash is a demo of “멍멍멍” which helps cement that the band’s EP accurately captures BEACON’s energy.

I like BEACON because it’s firmly entrenched in raw and heavy distorted guitars, loud bass, and pounding drums. It’s a change from a lot of recent rock releases where the energy and power is funneled into overly melodic and radio-friendly songs. I hope BEACON continues and keeps the grunge and garage rock/punk genre alive. For their first EP, BEACON have already set a high bar.

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