SAYMA has been releasing music since 2018, but #bayaheuro is her first EP. Each song was written and produced by her and on YouTube, she’s translated all the lyrics in her video descriptions (in case you’re curious).

sayma #bayaheuro

The EP is pretty on-brand for SAYMA, meaning if you’ve liked her singles you’ll more than likely enjoy this. If you’re new to SAYMA, then it gives you a brief four-track overview of her style – mostly mellow synth not dissimilar to Aseul or YESEO, with some pop elements thrown in at times.

The EP focuses on the experience of falling in love with someone, and the short statement on the cover of the EP sets the tone for what SAYMA sings about:

Loving Someone is always hard

and awkward for me

But I want to keep it

So I won’t forget

This awkwardness and uncertainty comes up time and time again in each of the tracks. In fact, it comes up almost immediately in “Ride,” a synth-pop track with a cyclical, hypnotic melody. Fittingly, it does kind of make me visualize wheels turning, and it feels like the start of a journey.

SAYMA expresses that it may be awkward between her and her lover, but that they should remember what they’ve said and how they feel as they start their ride. The desire to get away and be alone together to experience their new feelings is expressed in the chorus, as is the hope that they won’t be rushed along the way.

By the next track, “Is it love?”, the feelings seem to have evolved to something stronger. The instrumentals are more upbeat and have an almost tropical vibe at times. Although things are still awkward, SAYMA expresses her desire for the depth of her feelings to be known — although she’s uncertain of how to explain them to the other party. The song is sweet, and the chorus is extremely catchy, especially the repeating line,

Is it love? Love, love, love, love, love

Compared to “Ride,” there’s almost a confidence that exudes from this song. Even though SAYMA is awkward about speaking openly about her love, she’s sure of her feelings and seems to take solace in that certainty.

In “NOT YOUR ROSE” things seem to have taken a drastic turn. The instrumentals are more high energy, even more confident, but the lyrics hint at the relationship’s end. As SAYMA and her lover evidently got closer and out of the “honeymoon stage” so to speak, they found, according to the lyrics, that they have nothing in common. SAYMA proclaims that she won’t be changed by anyone and won’t change for anyone, and appears to have left the relationship as she sings,

I’m on my way (da da da da da)
far far away (da da da da da)
to find myself (da da da da da)
where my feet take me

Although their love has come to an end, SAYMA’s self-love shines through in this song. It feels powerful, bouncy, and confident – as though she’s been freed after holding back in the awkwardness of her relationship. And, even though she’s moving on, it doesn’t seem that she’ll forget the lesson she’s learned.

But, of course, being alone takes its toll. “Hug me” reverts back to a more lo-fi sound and sports more mournful lyrics. Although she states that she knows she’ll be fine in time, her sorrow and loneliness has finally caught up with her. She elongates her syllables, her voice seeming to be dragged down by the weight of her heavy heart, and can’t find a place to stop and set her burdens aside. It’s at times like this that she wants love and support more than ever, and perhaps the whole cycle will begin again.

#bayaheuro is a brief but emotional journey. Even if you don’t read into the lyrics the way I tend to, the EP still shows off SAYMA’s artistry. It’s worth listening to just to hear her unique vocal color, which I find to be a bit similar to Ele. If you like synth-pop or lo-fi beats, then SAYMA should be right up your alley, and her first EP gives us a lot to look forward to with the album she’s supposedly working on!

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