There are very few bands who have existed for 25 years. Even fewer within Korean music. Crying Nut have a very long history and the band have been able to survive while keeping their original style intact through the years. CRYING NUT 25th Anniversary Best Album pulls from the band’s discography with re-recorded versions of the songs. It’s actually pretty interesting to hear the original and listen to these versions and hear how the foundation hasn’t changed, but the precision of the performance has evolved.

CRYING NUT 25th Anniversary Best Album

Any person who listens to Korean music should listen to Crying Nut. It’s not the fact that the band started in the punk rock genre before expanding into a mixture of punk rock, rock, and indie rock, but the band’s first album was different for the time. CRYING NUT 25th Anniversary Best Album contains the majority of Crying Nut’s most famous songs like “Luxembourg,” “Myeong-dong Calling,” and “Oh ! What a Shiny Night.” It also has “Speed Up Losers” which is one of the most popular karaoke songs ever.

I’m not sure if CRYING NUT 25th Anniversary Best Album is chronological but that doesn’t matter that much because Crying Nut has kept a cohesive sound all these years. I think the biggest change is the song quality and recording quality. Since they manage their own label and have been pursuing their own path, there’s not that much outside influence in the end product.

This album is a celebration of the band, highlighting the best songs across a number of releases, and showing the timelessness of Crying Nut’s music. Even if the band decided to stop actively recording and releasing music, their effect on the independent music scene and the countless band they inspired will remain. If you’re just getting started with Korean music or are exploring that “other side” beyond pop music, you can’t go wrong starting here.

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